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Creating a Partnership Ethos

During a recent radio interview, I emphasized that retailers and service providers need to build a stronger sense of partnership among frontline coworkers. In these tough times, would you rather be surrounded by partners or by adversaries? The host asked … Continue reading

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The Customer Is Not Always Right

If I had to describe the key principle behind organizational democracy in one word, it would be “respect.” And one powerful sign of respect is candor. Too many managers substitute trite slogans for dialogue, disrespecting their coworkers’ intelligence. For example, … Continue reading

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Kinko's and Workplace Democracy

Writing E Pluribus Kinko’s: A Story of Business, Democracy, and Freaky Smart People, inspired me to become an organizational democracy evangelist. In this blog, I’ll discuss the idea in greater detail, but here are some key concepts: Democratic societies are inherently … Continue reading

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