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A funny thing happened after I posted “Looking for the One That’s Looking For Me.” They found me. I’ve accepted a position with a philanthropic foundation. The learning curve is steep, so I’m putting most of my blogs, including this … Continue reading

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Looking for the One That is Looking for Me

I have not looked for a job since 1986, when I applied at Kinko’s Service Corporation. Since then, all of my employers and clients have found me. For the last five years, I’ve been freelancing as a writer, photographer, and … Continue reading

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Why Has This Blog Gone Untended?

I presume you know the one about the cobbler’s barefoot children. I’ve been so busy maintaining other people’s content – and my photography blog –  that I let this one fall by the wayside. Sorry about that. Fresh content to … Continue reading

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Zappos, Kinko’s, and The Weak Link

Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness is crushing E Pluribus Kinko’s in Amazon’s sales rankings for a lot of reasons, but one of them is surely the fact that Hsieh’s company, Zappos, still exists. I stewed about ten years too long before … Continue reading

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A Strong Brand Name is No Joke, Even When It Is

Last night Jon Stewart referred to Kinko’s on The Daily Show, even though there’s been no such thing as Kinko’s for several years now. Customer (and comedian) references to Kinko’s only reaffirm every Chief Marketing Officer’s secret conviction: customers just … Continue reading

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How Brand Consistency Damages Brands

As a Kinko’s marketing executive, I faced a real quandary upon entering the Los Gatos branch. The coworkers had taken it upon themselves to decorate the store for Fall. There were leaves and pumpkins and colorful maize all over the … Continue reading

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Press Release: Business Essays by Kinko’s Founder Now Available for Kindle

Paul Orfalea’s Two Billion Dollars in Nickels – Reflections on the Entrepreneurial Life, is now available in Kindle format for instant download to electronic readers, cell phones, and computers. Originally published as a paperback in 2008, the book features concise … Continue reading

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